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Customs Clearance

Raniel Freight Solutions has extensive experience in customs clearance, and our team is ready to assist you in making your freight experience as smooth as possible.

Customs Clearance

We provide specialized, tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements! Given the importance of timely deliveries for any trader, this is one of the primary reasons you should hire us to handle your shipments' customs clearance. We will plan ahead of time and make all necessary preparations to ensure that your goods are cleared and delivered on time.

Included in our Customs Clearance & Declaration service are:

* Customs documentation that is accurate and complete
* Pre-customs entry and clearance
* Customs inspection
* Verification of the H.S. CODE of the product
* Duty verification and duty and tax savings
* Released on time.

Our qualified staff ensures that all of our clients' expectations, as well as the many requirements of the Ghana government, are met.

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