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Consequences of incorrect acceptance of hazardous cargo

Here is a real life case where a shipping line incorrectly confirms acceptance of a hazardous cargo for loading..

This is the scenario :

  1. Client requests hazardous acceptance from the shipping line in their required format

  2. Cargo is bound for discharge port say “Y

  3. They provide all required information to the shipping line

  4. Shipping line confirms that the hazardous cargoes (there were multiple cargoes in the same container).. But it later emerges that it is possible that someone in the shipping line’s DG Desk or Ops desk confirmed the acceptance of the cargo without checking with the discharge port whether this cargo was allowed for discharge there..

  5. Empty container is released to the client who packs the container

  6. Client follows all the hazardous protocols and moves the full container to the port for shipment

  7. Container is shipped on board the vessel and it sails

  8. Container is discharged at transshipment port say “X

  9. After the container is discharged at X, the client is advised that a specific hazardous cargo that is in the container is NOT acceptable for discharge at “Y” and therefore cannot be transshipped any further than “X”

  10. Client provides 2 other alternate ports in the same country as “Y” where they can accept the cargo

  11. But the shipping line says that these two ports also cannot accept this specific hazardous cargoes and offer other ports

  12. Client cannot accept the cargoes in any of the ports suggested by the line as the consignee is no where near the alternate ports and doesn’t have any office or representatives that can handle the shipment

So now, there is a stalemate between the line and the client.. Results of the negotiation are still awaited.. The clients orders to the buyer have not been fulfilled as the cargo is delayed at transshipment port and he is out of pocket..

If the shipping line’s DG desk had checked properly if the cargo(es) were acceptable at discharge port/enroute transshipment ports, this catastrophe could have been avoided..

How do you think this stalemate should or will end..?? What are your views of this scenario..

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